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Capsule Filling Machine


Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine


The semi-automatic capsule filling machine is a new type of pharmaceutical packaging machinery with a novel structure and beautiful appearance. It adopts a combination of electrical and pneumatic control, and is equipped with electronic automatic counting devices and speed regulation devices. It can respectively complete the positioning, separation, filling, locking and other actions of capsules, replacing manual filling, reducing labor intensity, improving production efficiency, accurate filling dosage, and meeting pharmaceutical hygiene requirements



● This machine is composed of components such as a bag feeding and turning separation mechanism, a medicine filling mechanism, a locking mechanism, a variable frequency speed regulation mechanism, a pneumatic control and electrical control system, a protection device, and vacuum pump and air pump accessories. Variable frequency stepless speed regulation, convenient maintenance operation, automatic positioning and separation, charging counting control for shutdown, and sensitive and reliable action. Suitable for filling hollow capsules with powdered and granular drugs and health products.

Capacity10000-25000 particle/hour
Applicable capsule size00#-5#
Filling dosage formpowder/small granules
Compressor0.05m3/min       0.7MPa
Vacuum pump40m3/h
Weight380 KG

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