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High and Low Temperature Circulator


High and low temperature circulator


The whole liquid circulating system of GDX series high and low temperature circulating device is a closed, and the system is with expansion tank. The expansion tank is one part of the machine, it doesn’t take part in the liquid circulating. The expansion tank and the liquid circulating system is adiathermic, so no matter the liquid circulating temperature is high or low, the medium temperature in the expansion tank is below 60℃。There is not water vapor adsorption under low temperature, also there is no oil mist under high temperature, so the thermal oil can have a wide range of work temperature.
It is often combined with jacketed glass reactor or jacketed vessel,  widely used in medical, chemical and biological industries


● Have two systems: heating & cooling system, the two systems can be used continuously, also separately used.
● Using of Copeland/Danfoss/ Tecumseh compressor, to promise the stable performance and reliable quality.
● Whole sealing liquid circulating system, fluid is not easy to volatile and oxidation at high temperature, and not easy to absorb moisture in the air at low temperature , prolong the service life of the heat conduction fluid.
● Heating and cooling process does not need to change the oil.
● Quickly for heating and cooling, can direct exchange within heating and cooling.
● Refrigeration heat exchange device using brazed heat exchanger, Small volume and high heat transfer efficiency.
● Liquid level display function.
● With delay, leakage, over current, over heat and other multiple protection functions, fully guarantee the use of security.
● PT100 sensor temperature probe.

No-load temperature range-20~200-20~200-20~200
ControllerFeed forward PID+Our special dynamic control circulation
Temp.controlProcess temperature control mode
Temperature feedbackHeat-conducting medium feedback PT100
Process Temperature feedbackHeat-conducting medium feedback PT100
Matched glass reactor50L
Heating power3KW5KW9KW
Cooling capacity2003KW5.5KW10KW
Circulation pump42L/min, 28m, 370W42L/min, 28m, 370W42L/min, 28m, 370W
EvaporatorPlate heat exchanger
Safety protectionSelf-diagnosis function; freezer overload protection; high pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device,liquid low level protection, high temperature protection and temperature fault protection.
Closed circulation systemThe whole system is full closed circulation,there is no oil mist at high temperature and no water vapor at low temperature,pressure do not rise up when system is running.The system will supplement oil automatically at low temperature.
Inlet/outlet port sizeED32  ID24
Power220V/50HZ, 1-phase380V/50HZ, 3-phase
Case materialSUS304, cold rolled steel painting


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