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5L Spray dryer


A.Working Principle of LPG-5 Spray Dryer
Air is filtered and heated into the dryer at the top of the air dispenser, and the hot air was evenly into the drying room in the spiral. The liquid passing through the top of the tower high-speed centrifugal atomizer (rotational) was sprayed into the extremely fine mist liquid beads, and flows into contact with hot air in a very short period of time, which can be dried into a finished product. Finished continuously from the bottom of the drying tower and cyclone. Exhaust gases were evacuated by a fan.

B.Features of LPG-5 Spray Dryer
1. The drying speed is very fast. After centrifugal spray, surface area of material liquid increased greatly, which can evaporate 95-98% of the water under high temperature air flow. Drying time only need seconds.
2. This equipment adopts flow pattern type spray drying. Droplet temperature is not very high during the drying process, which ensured the good quality of final products.
3. Due to the drying process is completed in the air. And granular product substantially can be maintained in spherical droplets, with good dispersion, fluidity and solubility.
4. Our equipment has a simplified production process, and easy to operate.

Working process

2Inlet Temperature140-350 , automatic control
3Out Temperature70-90 ()
4Max water Evaporation (kg/h)5
5Driving form of centrifugal nozzleCompressed air drive
6Rotating speed (r.p.m)25000
7Diameter of spray disc(mm)50
8Heating sourceElectricity
9Max. power of electric heater (kw)9
10Overall dimensions(L*W*H    by M)1.80.932.2 (in accordance with actual condition)
11Recovery rate of dry powder (%)≥95



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