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Are you searching for a hassle-free and time-saving way to extract solvents from your samples? Look no further than the Vacuum Rotovap, as well as the Pioneer extraction solution's vacuum evaporator. This innovative laboratory equipment may be the solution that is perfect for reducing residual solvents in your samples. We will explore the advantages, innovation, safety, use, and service associated with the Vacuum Rotovap.


The Vacuum Rotovap which was manufactured by Pioneer extraction solution has an assortment of benefits that allow it to be an essential tool in any laboratory. Having its unique evaporator that is rotary, it enables efficient and thorough solvent extraction. The gear's speed and effectiveness decrease the time and energy invested in traditional extraction methods. Additionally, the vacuum distillation unit can extract a range of solvents accurately. You'll be able to enjoy precise results period that is in short supply, making your laboratory processes more effective.

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We realize that laboratory processes are time-sensitive, so we have a dependable person on the team who is always on hand to assist. If Vacuum Rotovap develops any dilemmas, contact us, and our customer service team shall give you the most readily useful solution.


At our company, we are confident in providing quality tools and gear to meet the needs of laboratories. The Vacuum Rotovap designed to last and withstand daily work of laboratory. The materials are high-quality to make sure the system is corrosion resistant and maintains work as time passes.


The Vacuum Rotovap features assortment of wide applications and it may be employed in various companies. In food industry, it is found in extraction of flavours and fragrances. When you look at farming industry, it is applied in extraction of pesticides and fungicides from soil examples. The Vacuum Rotovap is utilized to extract active ingredients from plant extracts in pharmaceutical industry. Regardless of the industry, the Vacuum Rotovap is vital laboratory tool.

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